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Evergro Website

Evergro's previous site was exhaustive. It broke one of our favorite website rules, “Don't make me think”.

When you first land upon a website you need to know what they are all about, and have one clear, defined call action.

Our Role

Re-do the site, make is very simple and focus on conversion rate optimization…what we're the best at!

One Page Design

We drank the cool-aid with this website and built it on a different framework than usual, for a slick interface.

Content Crackdown

When we say less is more we mean it. We really wanted people to reach a lot of our pages and reduce bounce rates. “Content dieting” was implemented.

Separate Landing Page

We wanted to funnel traffic to a separately designed landing page – from our homepage call to action.

Fastest Load Time

This is our fastest loading website to date. It will be up for the Elevated Conversions award at the end of the year…we'll see if it holds! (0.43 seconds average load time!!)

The Site

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