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Job and Faceless Member Forum

The Job and Faceless Member Forum wanted to created a community in order to keep a discussing going with it's own user experience.

They also wanted to create custom RSS feeds in order to be updated, and have it's members updated about specific information.

Our Role

Build a website with the correct functionality, user experience, and make it simple to use. We really wanted to focus on functionality over fanciness here.

Integrated Social Sharing

“AddThis” added so people can share from any page at any time.

User Logins

We needed to build this so once someone gives us their info, they get to see more pages, etc.

Community Management

Ability to approve/disapprove comments, users, groups, so that our client would have ultimate control and permissions.


We focused on making this the best user experience we could…so it loads fast, looks great on every device, and gives the user what they want.

The Site

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