Metro-Logic Site Design

Metro-Logic Site Design

Metro-logic needed a site re-design as they had an outdated site in more ways than one.

  1. Wasn't mobile responsive
  2. Wasn't fast loading
  3. Didn't give users what they wanted
  4. Wasn't optimized for conversions
  5. Didn't show off their work the way it needed to

Our Role

Make everything BETTER ?

Site Re-design

Had our designer go through and create color palettes based off of their current logo, and integrate designs from that.

Portfolio Update

Getting the right work and making it look as good as possible was no small feat. Now their case studies well themselves.

Affiliate Management

We not only wanted to create an affiliate page, but make it super easy (and trackable) for users to connect with one another.

Analytics, Analytics, Analytics

We placed pixels, cookies, scripts, and a bunch of other nerdy things in one big Google Tag Manager container. Now we make decisions with data, not intuition.

The Site

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